How long does it take?

As you can probably tell, I enjoy reading the blogs of other people who are focused on their fitness goals. Typically I have found these blogs on Body for Life related websites. I stumbled across Tai-Kee’s (Aileen’s) Blog today. She has made great progress doing Body for Life.  However, she is sounding pretty glum today about her progress and how far she has yet to go to reach her goals especially when transformations seem to come so much more quickly to other people.

For the most part, I have come to accept that, given that I’m an endomorphic-mesomorph (you can take the body type quiz here), my progress will be slow compared to pure mesomorphs or ecto-mesomorph types. Am I jealous that other ladies out there can build muscle & lose fat so much more easily that I can, you bet. But I am building muscle slowly & steadily, I just know that it will take me a much longer time to reach my goals.

One reason that I  am doing this third 12 week challenge cycle as maintenance is to focus on those things that are good about my body. What can my body do? I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. It’s a great feeling. I can run far further and faster than I ever imagined. Right now I am exploring just how far and how fast I can go. So much of this is mental. Until a few months ago, I did not think that I could run 6 miles and therefore I could not. I do not think that I want to see whether I can run as far as Julie who is training for a 100 mile run but I am working to remove the mental barriers.

I think that after this cycle I will be ready to do another leaning out cycle to lose the last of the cellulite & reveal my abs. But I really needed a break from the continuous focus on what was wrong with my body & what needed improvement. Frankly I also needed a break from needing to buy new jeans every 4-6 weeks as well. Do you ever hit a point where you are completely satisfied or will you always look in the mirror and see improvements you want to make? How long does it take before you look in the mirror and are simply pleased?