Make A Wish

I think they make you pay to run in races so that you actually show up. Today I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. I would have liked nothing better but to crawl back in bed. Instead I downed an Emer’gen C (great stuff) and some Alleve and started layering on my running clothes to prepare for the Domino’s Pizza Make-A-Wish half marathon. The directions to the parking site were great and there were lots of volunteers directing traffic. I was relieved to find that there were also many Port-O-Lets to help with my nervous bladder. Since this was my first race/run ever in a group, I was pretty nervous about the entire thing. It was 30 degrees and snowing when we started. I realize that I am a wimp, I prefer to run in a climate controlled environment with as few clothes as possible. This was the first time that I had ever run in a jacket let alone gloves.

I met up with a friend from work in the check in area. He had signed up for the event when he had learned that I’d registered for it. Given the weather and how I was feeling this morning, if I did not know that he would be there I honestly might have just followed my urge and gone back to bed. His goal for the half-marathon was to just keep me company. If I sped up he sped up; if my pace slowed to a crawl, so did his. This was the first time that he and I had ever run together. Since I normally run alone it was a bit strange to have a running partner, but good, as I might have caved into the urge to walk had someone not been with me.

Running in the snow layered up with clothes was not as bad as I feared. In fact I did not even notice the blisters on my feet until they warmed up a bit on the drive home. My knees held up pretty well. My IT bands are screaming but I don’t feel the agony that was the patella rubbing that happened a few weeks ago. I also learned that I do not do enough hill training. I love HIIT but rarely include incline work into my intervals. There were a few areas where there was a slight grade up (maybe 4 or 5%) but for like a mile (or at least it seemed like a mile). Actually my knees preferred the incline, but my muscles did not. At about mile 10, I started to seriously reconsider my marathon training plans (as in I was considering a marathon why exactly?). I think it stopped snowing at about mile 12. Final time: 2 hours 8 minutes (average pace of 9:48 or so). Overall I am pleased with the results. Heck I’m glad to have just finished the thing. I would not go so far as to say it was fun but I’m glad that I didn’t just go back to bed this morning.

Addendum: Official Results are available. I was 113th out of 210 women and 19th out of 31 women in my age group. Since I could not run even a mile back in August 2004 I really cannot complain about the results of my very first race.