Week 37

It’s been 37 weeks since I adopted a new healthy lifestyle. I’m not actually doing any sort of challenge at this point (and it’s unlikely that I will officially enter any more BFL challenges). My legs have finally mostly recovered from the May 1st half-marathon. I had a great 4 mile HIIT run on the hotel treadmill on Thursday. Since I live at high altitude running at sea level is just great. My knees are still a bit sensitive, but focusing on my posture and hip placement seems to be what is needed to keep them happy. I only ran 19.3 miles this week (includes the half- marathon) but added in an extra lifting session for the week.

Nutrition was just OK this week. I averaged 2199 calories per day with 36% Protein, 20% Fat and 44% Carbohydrate. I missed my normal weigh in day due to traveling. As of this morning, after yesterday’s free day extravaganza of pizza and a tomato and mozzarella panini at the airport, I weigh 129.8. Body fat measured 18.8% with my Omron.

Goals for the next week

Running: Continue to rehab my knees and bring mileage back to about 20 to 22 miles per week. I must get the knees happy and my form good to feel confident about beginning marathon training.

Nutrition: I ate too much whey, myoplex lite and detour bars last week due to traveling. The goal for this week is to go back to whole foods & to create a very slight calorie deficit. Target for week is approximately 1900 calories a day. Of course since I gobbled 2401 calories yesterday on my free day, this could take some work on my part.

Training Schedule: No change in schedule this week. Three to five days of running, three days of lifting, one day free.