What a difference

I recently went in for my annual check up with my doctor. Because my cholesterol had been high the last two times I had it checked, I asked my doctor to recheck it this time. I wanted to see whether 43 weeks of healthy eating and exercise had affected it. Did it ever. I have made a chart highlighting the changes. The first set of values were back when I was a wine drinking, computer gaming, book reading non-exerciser with a penchant for macaroni and cheese. The second set of values were after 6 months of walking 1-2 miles two to three times a week and cleaning up my diet a bit. This weeks blood draws were after 43 weeks of following the Body for Life program with a bit of extra running thrown in. I have added a column with recommended values as well. My cholesterol levels are now excellent. I have lots of HDL (the “good” cholesterol) and have significantly reduced my LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) and my triglyceride levels.

Desired July 2002 March 2003 June 2005
Total Cholesterol < 200 288 216 177
HDL >40 71 85 80
LDL <160 200 115 83
Triglycerides <150 83 82 69