Year: 2006

A year in review

I never did write a holiday letter to send out with the Christmas cards that I also did not mail this year. I could blame the snow storm and the lack of mail service during that critical time, but mostly

In search of joy

Last week I designed a new training plan to lose the extra 6 or 7 pounds of fat I am carrying. I tend to do better with a schedule, so I made a spreadsheet and posted it on my wall

Day 4 Quasi Paleo Diet

My run this morning was a bit weak. I started craving brown rice today.  Where oh where did the glycogen go?  In theory, I am eating plenty of carbohydrates (apple, carrots, mango, berries, loads of leafy greens)  plus a 1/2

Pondering Paleo

Julie Berg had great success using a largely Paleo Diet to lean out while training for ultra-marathons. Based on her recommendations I recently ordered The Paleo Diet and The Paleo Diet for Athletes. Given how many problems I have been

First Marathon

Today I ran the Boulder Backroads Marathon. It started off very chilly (about 35 degrees) and warmed up to the mid 60’s.  It was sunny and cloudless. Simply beautiful. Compared to the few other races I have run, the support

Marathon Plan Week 23 of 24

There are just 14 days until the big day. I planned to run 20 miles today. That did not happen. I did get 18 done and can only hope that it is enough. Honestly, at this point, I’m in great

Marathon Plan Week 22 of 24

I’m in the home stretch of this marathon plan. This week is the most challenging to date. But after this is two weeks of taper before the marathon on September 24. Week 22 plan: Monday: off Tuesday: Tempo Run, 60

Final Report August 100 Challenge

I participated in the August 100 Challenge hosted by John Stone. The goal was to not lose points for missing workouts, having an unauthorized snack, or not updating on the challenge post. Each slip cost a point. Everyone started the

My first 20 mile run

Today was the 20 mile race hosted by Rocky Mountain Road Runners. The weather was perfect. It was about 50 degrees at the 7AM start with a forecast high of 70.  I had worried that it might rain, but we

Marathon Plan Week 19 of 24

I have a very hard time getting past the half-marathon distance. This is about where I plateaued the last time I tried to train for a marathon. On the schedule today was a 2 hour and 30 minute run (min)