Thirty Eight

Most birthdays do not bother me. This one, I feel old.

I suspect it is because I have too many metaphorical balls in the air. The next few weeks are very busy. The class I’m teaching is finishing up next week. I think I am as ecstatic about this as the students.  Heading out of town next week for a business trip: nine grants to review for NIH. Given that the funding line is at less than 10% in most institutes and there are 144 grants in my study section this cycle, this means that it is likely that NONE of the grants I will review will be funded. I am so grateful that my own grant will not go back up for renewal and review until late 2008 or early 2009.

When I get back I’ve agreed to help a friend write a business plan for a subsidiary company he is planning to launch in the UK. That should be incredibly fun if time consuming. I need to interview a few potential summer interns/student researchers for my laboratory. This is something that I have professionally avoided as much as possible. I cannot express how much I value those people who have in the past or continue to provide mentorship to me. I have just never felt ready to actually be someone’s mentor. It’s time (even though I still do not feel completely ready).

It’s also time to start a new round of Body for Life. My exercise schedule has fallen off to 3-4 days a week and I’m feeling soft. My clothes still fit and the scale has not moved much but it’s time to rededicate to a rigorous schedule. I’ve signed up to enter Round 3 which means I need to begin before April 3rd. I’ll likely officially start again on April 1. That way I’ll finish up the MBA about half-way through the 12 week cycle and have some extra time during those last 6 weeks to try to make a dramatic transformation. I love the allure & possibility of winning prizes and money for simply adopting a healthy lifestyle (and promoting/using EAS products!).