My body is a Honda Civic

I’ve never owned a Honda but I hear that they are very reliable cars. My body is generally similar. It might not be the fastest, strongest or sleekest but it is generally very reliable. For the most part, all of the parts work and I rarely get sick if I am treating my body well.

I’ve been struggling with food for the last few months. Just about everything was causing me severe upper abdominal pain after eating. I’m would literally need (or want) to lie down on the bed in the fetal position and wait for the pain to pass.  Some foods were worse than others and I was methodologically eliminating them from my diet: milk, wheat, corn, etc. I was running out of foods that did not cause some amount of pain. The only two safe foods were my morning coffee and plain oatmeal. Googling my symptoms made me fear that I either had gall stones or was developing an ulcer. Neither of these would be good and both required a trip to the doctor. I had a new doctor that day. She was terrific. She looked up my records and commented that I rarely go to the doctor (hmm not a whiner?) beyond my annual physical. So she sent me off for dozens of tests to assess liver, kidney, pancreas & gall bladder function and a test for H. pylori to rule out an ulcer. She also sent me for an abdominal ultrasound to have these same organs visualized to look for any abnormality. As a back-up she prescribed a generic form of Prilosec to take once each day, since it likely would not hurt and could help. After two days, I learned that all of my blood work was normal. After three days, the pain was significantly reduced. After four days, I was feeling virtually normal for the first time in months. The ultrasound technician yesterday told me that everything looked good to her; however, a physician would have to make the final determination. I learned from my mom yesterday that my grandmother has been on Prilosec since 1995. I wonder if this means that I can eat Pizza again?