Updated Fitness Plan

Back on April 1, I started a new 12 week Body for Life Challenge to help me recommit to fitness. I’ve been plodding along at it for 2 weeks now. I’m down about 1.5 pounds which is good, but overall I been lacking the focus and inspiration that I had in my first year of fitness training. Since I’m generally at a healthy weight and am fit enough to prevent just about every disease, my motivation has been sorely lacking, pictures to take and challenge packet to send in notwithstanding.

A few days ago, a friend of mine at work came into my office and said “I need a training goal” and inspired me to find a purpose beyond looking better in my clothes for which to train. Last year he and I ran a half-marathon, my first. We had started training for the September Boulder Backroads Marathon but I just did not make it. Between my work schedule and my knees, it did not happen. My friend, who had the mileage in, also ended up not running. So, while neither of us are as fit as we were this time last year, Boulder Backroads, is on the schedule. I registered yesterday for the full marathon. This is 23.5 weeks away. I also found a 24 Week Training Plan somewhere on the vast reaches of the Internet. I know my knees need the breaks from the pounding & I have my bike set up for the non-running days. I missed the first 3 days of the training schedule but jumped in on the day 4 plan. Conveniently for me, it has Monday’s built in as an off day. The long runs & marathon are scheduled for Sunday, as Boulder Backroads is. This change makes me feel happy, motivated & inspired. Huzzah.

Scheduled workouts for week one (day 5 to 7 remaining to be done)

  • Day 1: Off (36 min LISS – not yet on plan)
  • Day 2: Foundation Run 40 minutes + 4 x 30sec Strides ( 1 hour LISS – not yet on plan)
  • Day 3: Strength (off – not yet on plan)
  • Day 4: Foundation Run 35 minutes + 4 x 30sec Strides (done!)
  • Day 5: Alt Cardio 30 minutes
  • Day 6: Optional Foundation Run 35 minutes; Strength Training
  • Day 7: Long Run 1 hour