Month: August 2006

My first 20 mile run

Today was the 20 mile race hosted by Rocky Mountain Road Runners. The weather was perfect. It was about 50 degrees at the 7AM start with a forecast high of 70.  I had worried that it might rain, but we

Marathon Plan Week 19 of 24

I have a very hard time getting past the half-marathon distance. This is about where I plateaued the last time I tried to train for a marathon. On the schedule today was a 2 hour and 30 minute run (min)

Official 15 mile results

Rocky Mountain Road Runners posted the official 15 mile marathon training series race results. My final time was 2:44:57. My husband beat me by 22 seconds. There were 36 women and 28 men. Only 6 people were slower than I

15 mile race

The 15 mile marathon training series race sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Road Runners was this morning. My running partner from the 10 mile race could not make it but my husband did the race with me. My husband does

Smart Goals

I spend a lot of time thinking about goals and goal setting. I started both Body For Life and an evening MBA program back in 2004. One thing that both of these endeavors had in common was a focus on