15 mile race

The 15 mile marathon training series race sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Road Runners was this morning. My running partner from the 10 mile race could not make it but my husband did the race with me. My husband does not run regularly but I promised him a nice dinner out for doing the run with me. It was a great day for this run, a bit overcast and not too hot. They set it up as a 7.5 mile out and back that you do twice. There were drinks at mile 2 and the turnaround and gels at the half-way point. I packed my own gels this time which helped; I simply need more fuel than a gel at mile 7.5.

There were fewer runners this time and the overall fitness level of the group appeared much higher meaning that once again I was one of the less fit folks there. Men if you are looking to meet fit women, this type of thing is the place. Most of the women were sleek and chatting about cut off times to qualify for Boston. There is no other word to describe their slim hips and long firm legs.

All in all I’m pleased with today. My right knee and IT band started giving me problems that plagued me on and off from mile 7 onward. If I land on a bent leg the pain is about 100x worse than if the impact is on a straighter leg. Also, running uphill is much easier on it than the downhills. I walked a few of the downs near the end. In general, the first 10 miles felt great. My muscles felt strong and my heart rate was where I wanted it (under 170). I was at 1 hour and 42 minutes at the 10 mile marker which is faster than I did the 10 mile race. At mile 13, my left quad cramped up and made a hard ball. This was not good. I’m not sure what this was about, so I walked and stretched and jog/walked the last two miles as one of my goals for today was to finish injury free. Final time for me was about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Official results should be posted in a day or two. My husband, who DOES NOT TRAIN, finished in about 2 hours and 44 minutes. He actually was out of my sight for miles 5 to 10 but I was able to get a bit closer and almost catch him in the last 5 miles; I just didn’t quite make it. Definitely beat my goal of pacing 12 minute miles with a 3 hour finish time. I also clearly have a way to go in my training to be ready for the marathon on September 24 which is just 56 days away.