Official 15 mile results

Rocky Mountain Road Runners posted the official 15 mile marathon training series race results. My final time was 2:44:57. My husband beat me by 22 seconds. There were 36 women and 28 men. Only 6 people were slower than I was. I can only hope that I am not LAST in the 20 miler on August 27, but I suppose even last would be better than not finishing.

I know I am not a fast runner. I know that it is unlikely that I will ever be in the top 25 or even 50% of the runners out there. Even knowing this, given how much effort I put into training and preparing, it still pretty much sucks to know that a solid effort on my part puts me in the bottom 10% of the participants. I know, in the end, it is all about personal improvement and individual performance. So on the one hand I’m thrilled that I have been able to train my body to run 15 miles. I certainly could not have imagined being able to do that a few years ago. And on the other hand, I’m somewhat disappointed that even with more training and improving my performance to the best that it can be (i.e. given where my heart rate spikes and feels like it will explode), I will likely always be at the back of the pack.

Running is a very perverse hobby for me. In business school, and in just about every personal development article I’ve ever read, the keys to success almost always included focusing on: (1)what you are excellent at, (2) what you love to do, and (3) what you are passionate about. So for me running is pretty much the exact opposite of this. I am not excellent at it. I love when the run is FINISHED. I find running to be incredibly difficult and challenging both mentally and physically. I think running is good for me, but I am certainly not passionate about it. So I think I am focused on this marathon goal in part because it is so challenging for me. I think that achieving this goal will give me confidence about facing other challenges where I may lack a natural aptitude. If I can run a marathon then surely I should be able to ____________.