Day 4 Quasi Paleo Diet

My run this morning was a bit weak. I started craving brown rice today.  Where oh where did the glycogen go?  In theory, I am eating plenty of carbohydrates (apple, carrots, mango, berries, loads of leafy greens)  plus a 1/2 cup oatmeal in the morning. I think I am eating more from a caloric perspective than before given my large consumption of chicken, turkey, salmon and nuts. I am still eating 6 or 7 times a day. If anything my portion sizes are the largest they have been in 2 years. Aside from craving rice today, I have not been hungry.  In the past, I have counted the minutes between meals. Has enough time passed to justify the next meal? So far, I have not had this happen. I have not been tracking food in Excel or counting calories or using my food scale. I have simply stuck to the list of approved foods and eaten them when hungry. I have eaten fruit without protein. This scares me but seems to be OK. In the past this has triggered a difficult to control urge to eat more carbohydrates.

I have dropped 1.8 pounds in 4 days. I’m guessing it is mostly water at this point due to muscle glycogen depletion and less belly bloating from eating the wrong foods. My husband is doing Paleo eating at most (not all) meals. He is down 5 pounds. So far, I’m enjoying this experiment. I feel alert during the day. I’m sleeping well. I have not had any abdominal pain. The only major downside I see to eating this way is that it is very dependent on fresh foods (veggies, fruit, meats) which require much more preparation that downing a meal replacement bar or shake.