A year in review

I never did write a holiday letter to send out with the Christmas cards that I also did not mail this year. I could blame the snow storm and the lack of mail service during that critical time, but mostly I just did not get to it. Since the majority of people that I would send a card to read my blog anyway: here it is, my very late holiday letter. I hope that you and yours had a terrific holiday.

It has been a year for finishing projects and starting new ones.

I taught an undergraduate class for the third time in the Winter Quarter of 2006. I find teaching to be challenging. Every time I teach, I become more grateful for the outstanding teachers I have had over the years. I took the new professor training series this year. I hope it will help me be a better teacher. I start teaching again on January 3rd to a class of ~100.

I finished my MBA in May. While I don’t miss the homework, I am sad that this experience is over. From a personal development perspective, business school is one of the very best things I have ever done for myself and for those that interact with me.

I ran my first marathon in September. Twenty six point two miles is a very long way. It is not something I plan to repeat any time soon.

Beacon Biotechnology was launched in October of 2006. I am one of the co-founders. We are currently trying to raise money for this venture. Everyone says this, but I believe that the technology we are developing has the possibility to be incredibly disruptive to existing technologies. I hope that it will have a similar impact as the DVD had on VHS but in the medical device/biomedical research market. It’s a good thing that business school is done or I’d never sleep between my day job and this venture.