I love Christine Kane’s blog. I needed her post today called Allowing Imperfection.

The premise is to not let our imperfection keep us from doing something we want to be doing when we know we may not do it well. I am feeling this way about my half-marathon next week. I am under-prepared. I am not where I could be. I have not been rigorously following my plan. I’m predicting say a 3 hour half marathon when I know it could have been more of a 2 hour half marathon if only I’d committed to my plan.

Thus, this excerpt of Christine’s post resonated for me.

One of the best reasons to allow imperfection is when you’ve got a case of the “used-to-be’s.” The used-to-be’s are the stories we tell ourselves: I used to be so much better at this. I used to be so much thinner than I am now. I used to write every single day and it got so easy! And on and on we go – all the while never starting the very thing that might move us beyond our stuck-ness. The “used-to-be’s” are a trap.

I just signed up for a local 5K on Sunday. I may not be where I used to be but I bet the 5K will be fun.