Starting at the Beginning

Last January I made a failed attempt to leap back into fitness with the Turbulence Training plan leading up to the Turbulence Training 500 workout. I did make it through some of the workouts but often found, like my recent experience with Evil Jen, that not being able to walk up and down stairs comfortably for several days, let alone raise my arms, is NOT conducive to sticking with a fitness program. I don’t mind some delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that lasts a few days but muscle spasms where the muscle contracts and won’t relax for days on end is not my thing.

I’ve been more successful adding the cardio back. Three days a week, I run, then I reward myself in the Jacuzzi at the gym. That’s a start (good heart health anyway) but to change my body, I need to add resistance training.

Yesterday, Craig Ballantyne wrote a post called Start at the Beginner Turbulence Training Workouts! Today I heeded that advice. Workout A done. Interval A done. I feel good. My muscles worked and I will have some stiffness tomorrow but will likely still be motivated to get my run in. I may not need to do 4 weeks at the Beginner level before moving to Intermediate but I suspect that because these workouts are more achievable for me – i.e. I don’t need to modify the exercises to try to approximate the move – that I will be much more likely to stick with it.

Spring is here and so is my motivation.