Fit Women

I virtually met a number of amazing women back in 2004 when I first started focusing on fitness, initially following the original Body for Life program created by Bill Phillips who is now doing a program called Transformation. At first (2004-2005) I faithfully tracked my progress in Excel, and took pictures every few weeks.

Many of the women, through their blogs and various fitness forums, have gone on to compete in figure competitions or have become certified personal trainers. As time passed, for me, it became less about a specific program and more about just living a healthy lifestyle. It was also important to me to drop the obsessive compulsive tracking, although it is incredibly effective. Right now I really like the variety of Turbulence Training. You should check out the YouTube workouts.

This coming week I am going to have the opportunity to meet several of these inspiring women in person. I am so incredibly excited.

Julie Berg is coming to Colorado to compete in the Leadville 100, a 100 mile trail run! Julie often wins her age-group in her local ultra-marathons. Hopefully I can meet her and her family before she heads into the mountains.

The magnificent Maggie Wang (she’s a karaoke singing, video game programming, artist & fitness junkie with a frugal gourmet habit) coordinated the Pink Dumbbells (note: Pink Dumbbells is a joke about those women who are afraid to lift heavy and only use those cute pink dumbbells for their workouts) cruise. I think a bunch of folks from the John Stone Fitness Forum are also coming.

I am also looking forward to meeting Irene and Kyra, whose art I keep buying. I also can’t wait to get on our cruise ship. I’m ready to bask in the sun for a few days.