My First 10K

I turned 42 on Monday. I thought about getting a massage, but instead I signed up for the Boulder Spring Half as a birthday present to myself.  While I’ve done a 5K, a marathon and a half-marathon in the past, I’d never done a 10K before today. For the most part I’ve been lazy with my training, running a few times a week generally no more than 3 miles with perhaps half of my workouts being sprint intervals for a max of 2 miles.

A friend of mine recently upgraded his Garmin Forerunner and donated his Garmin 305 to me. According to this very fun new training device, I had a great (for me) run.

There were 2000 of us there to run the half-marathon, 1o mile or 10K races. I started somewhere in the middle to last third of the pack and initiated the Garmin before I crossed the official start.

According to the Garmin, I ran  6.33 miles in 1:00.43,  for a pace of 9:35 per mile or 6.3 mph. This was an out and back run with the first half pretty much all uphill. Pretty much every mile I ran got a little bit faster.

  • mile 1: 10:39.88 (caught in the herd of 2000 people – some of the funnier people near me were literally “mooing” trying to break free)
  • mile 2: 9:41.40 (finally broke free of the throng)
  • mile 3: 10:00.02 (all uphill & trying to pace myself)
  • mile 4: 9:22.44 (past the half way mark & beginning to run downhill)
  • mile 5: 9:14.47
  • mile 6: 8:42.50
  • last .33 miles: 3:02.23

I really can’t complain. This was a great run for me, especially given the paucity of my training. I did get a blister during the last mile but else felt really good. Of course, it’s important to keep everything in perspective; the winner of the half marathon crossed the finish line in about 1 hour and 5 minutes.

EDIT: I was 16 of 64 in my age group (women 40 to 49) with an official time of 59:49. Overall I was 148th out of about 410 runners and 71st for all women. I’d say the Garmin was quite accurate!