This may come as a surprise to some of you who know I collect (academic) credentials (PhD, MBA, PMP, Salesforce Admin, blah, blah, blah) the way other people collect art or beanie babies or stamps or something. But, once upon a time, September 13, 2012, I signed up for the Precision Nutrition Certification Program. And, I never finished it. Sure I paged through the almost 500 pages of text and skimmed the workbook, but never watched the videos, did the exercises, or took exam. A few years passed. From time to time I reminded myself about Sunk Costs and thought perhaps one day I’d get back to it, recommit, something.

Incredibly, I never lost access to the program.

And, recently, the amazing folks behind it updated the learning portal into chapter by chapter modules with better electronic nudges to move one on to the next section.

So, I dusted off the text (and videos, and workbook questions) and slogged through it. Apparently, I just needed those electronic nudges. I am now official.

PN Certified Coach
Of course, there is now a Level 2 option (coming April 2016).

Aside from self-experimentation, I am not likely to do anything with this one. But I’m glad to have (finally) finished it. Ever and always I’ve loved the science behind Precision Nutrition, and the creators’ desire to make it accessible, actionable. And these days, who doesn’t love infographics?

This is one of my favorites – the cost of getting lean.

What’s the cost to get there? To maintain it? I am solidly healthy on the chart. But, I also have an aesthetic (leaner) fitness goal, and it’s not going to get easier with time. Hopefully, I hit the training/fitness goal faster than the educational one.