Level Up

In June, shared my love of Precision Nutrition’s coaching program, and its impact on my fitness, after finishing up a year of receiving coaching. I redid my PN Level 1 certification, required every 2 years, in July. Essentially the Level 1 program teaches strong nutrition fundamentals with some coaching basics added on. With PN Level 1 Version 3, they updated the text and the videos making the curriculum more fun and accessible. They’ve also made the coaching section of the text better match how the PN coaches work with clients in the coaching program.

Image of PN portal
What I see in my Precision Nutrition Portal: Yellow arrows point to completed programs. Blue arrows point to ongoing programs. I seem to be alternating between receiving coaching and learning to coach. 

On Monday I start the PN Level 2 Coaching Certification Program. FAQ. This is a year long mentored program with daily assignments, case studies, etc. Curriculum PDF.

Why now?

Well, now is always the best time to start!

Why this?

I don’t know if I will ever do any fitness or nutrition coaching. So, my primary goal is to be a better mentor and manager to the people who work for me. PN coaches have, and I want to learn, a magical skill of energizing others to achieve their goals. I want that superpower to consistently be able to turn talk into action, about any goal!

I do have a few secondary goals. I’ve been PN L1 certified for a few years. I’m in my second year getting coaching. I’m the fittest I have been in my life. (Follow up DEXA and quarterly photos coming in November). People have begun to ask me if I’m fitness coaching on the side, and randomly ask me fitness and/or nutrition questions. And yet, I haven’t hung my shingle. I am not sure what’s standing in my way, but perhaps this will push me over the edge. While I have deep academic knowledge re: nutrition and fitness, I do not yet know what is needed to motivate people to make better choices, consistently, over time – to get out of their own ways – to achieve their goals.

I will.