Just do it again

Nike Slogan: Just do it then do it again
Nike slogan that seemed appropriate

My Precision Nutrition (PN) coach asked me if I would be willing to write a few sentences that speak to my experience doing the PN Coaching program for a second time. Why did I sign up again? What do I value most about my second year so far?

It got me thinking, that repeating the PN coaching program is a lot like repeating a grade in school. I really didn’t think I was that kind of person. I skipped second grade, and senior year of high school. I took human pathology at Emory Medical School without having taken the prerequisites of human anatomy, histology and physiology. I like to leap ahead, skip foundations and just dive in over my head until I figure it out. Why was I getting PN Coaching again when I’d succeeded at it the first time?

And, repeating PN Coaching is truly like repeating a grade. It’s exactly the same material the second time around.

  • 50 weeks of daily lessons that are 100% the same.
  • 24 habits – a new one is introduced every two weeks in the same order
  • 12 phases of workouts – each month you start a new phase
  • 13 workshops that dive deeply into the material

And, I can still access the prior program’s material in my PN Coaching portal. It’s all there – every habit, every lesson, every workshop, all my answers, and every workout. I can even still select variations of those old workouts if I want to. I did that in June while I was waiting for my second year of PN coaching to start.

From talking with the women in my group from last year, some people repeat the program because they didn’t fully commit to the program and didn’t meet their goals. I had a great year, and met or exceeded my fitness goals.  I did 95% of the lessons. I nailed the consistency of my habits. And I knew from my month of waiting for the next cohort to start, that I could continue the program successfully on my own.

So why did I pay for a second year?

  • I love the structure of the PN Coaching (ProCoach) program – with the lesson, habit, and workout of the day. It makes it easy to stay on track, and provides a visual record of my overall consistency. I’m trying to automate my fitness and make sustaining my current level of fitness as effortless as remembering to brush and floss each day. The PN Coaching program makes it easy.
  • I trust and respect my coach, and knew that I could continue to receive her guidance by signing up for another year. While I hit my fitness goals last year, I wanted a safe environment to continue to experiment with my exercise and nutrition programming to continue to change my body composition. I will especially need her support if I decide to mass to add more muscle (and fat) to my physique before leaning out again. I know what to do, but I will fear less scared knowing she’s monitoring things, as she’s done it before.
  • I knew that there were different workout profiles built into the platform, so I changed my fitness goals this cycle to access new programming.

What do I value most about my second year so far?

  • My coach. She keeps me honest about the trade-offs of some of my conflicting goals. If I want to mass, I will likely need to give up some of my running. Am I willing to do that? Would I be I be willing to try it? What would that look like?
  • I love the new workout program this year that is much more focused on building strength (vs. weight loss). I wouldn’t have been ready for it last year, but it’s been consistently the right difficulty this year – hard but fun. I have DOMS all of the time.
  • It’s interesting to see how my answers to some of the lessons have changed this year. So, the program is the same, but I am not. Since my perspective has shifted, how each lesson impacts me is slightly different.
  • I am also discovering new insights from the lessons. With a new lesson each day, it’s hard to click through to  explore every single book, video, or article that’s referenced, so I’m always finding something new (to me) within the content.
  • I am finally discovering the value of focusing on the process and consistent daily actions vs. being fixated on the outcomes and the ever changing finish line I have in my mind.