Are YOU Ready?

There is no real magic to healthy eating, losing weight or getting fit. Most people know what to do – eat less, move more – every single day. There is no perfect time to start. There is generally no trophy for hitting some fitness goal, although you may just fit into those jeans you’ve been hiding at the back of your closet since 1984.

The challenge with “diets” is that they are generally fairly restrictive, until an elusive goal is met, and then you just stop and go back to doing whatever you were doing before that made you need a “diet” in the first place. And then a few months later, you start over again.

The thing I really love about the Precision Nutrition coaching style, is that it isn’t about the goal, it’s about changing how you see yourself. Do you want to be that person who exercises pretty much every single day? Do you want to be that person who generally chooses the healthy option on the menu, because it makes you feel great? Do you want to be that person who occasionally indulges without guilt in the homemade ice cream or amazing glass of wine?

Side Effects May Include Leanness

That is the true magic. One day you wake up and are no longer that sedentary overweight person who is trying to get fit, you are simply an athletic person whose friends have started asking you for fitness and nutrition advice. You simply made a small change every single day. For many many days, you might not see any change, and then the magic will happen. This is outlined in James Clear’s video about the power of 1% better every day.

Another thing that I love about the Precision Nutrition Framework is that it is fairly inclusive – it can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, IIFYM, etc. It can work whether you want to eat one big meal or 6 small ones a day.

I love and believe in this programming but it is NOT fast. Do you need a quick win to jump start your motivation? This is not that. If you need fast results (or need to make weight for a specific sport), I would recommend Renaissance Periodization. Buy their templates (or get 1:1 coaching). Eat exactly what & when they recommend for 12 weeks and you will make an amazing transformation. They can ease you off, and will recommend you take a break for 8 to 12 weeks, following their templates a bit more loosely, or you could then try a program like this one, which will lay down the nutritional foundations a bit. It depends on what you are looking for.

Do you need to be stage ready? Make weight for a sport? If so, out of the box, this is not the best program. There are modifications that can be implemented, but at its core, that’s not the fundamental goal. If you are already an athlete, this is a wonderful safe place to experiment from in terms of identifying what nutrition makes you perform your best.

Success in any program seems to be related to how ready, willing and able you are. I can give you the skills make you “able.” Only you can decide if you are ready and willing to make the myriad changes that will be necessary. James Clear’s new book, Atomic Habits, emphasizes the impact of improving by 1% every day (vs. getting worse by 1% every day) – also demonstrated in the video above.

Contact me if this is what you are looking for. I can help.