Author: Catherine Kunst

Marathon Training Plan

I’ve had some people ask me what my specific Marathon Training plan is. I modified a 16 week beginner plan that I found on Runner’s World to fit into my basic Body For Life training schedule as well as my

Week 37

It’s been 37 weeks since I adopted a new healthy lifestyle. I’m not actually doing any sort of challenge at this point (and it’s unlikely that I will officially enter any more BFL challenges). My legs have finally mostly recovered

Make A Wish

I think they make you pay to run in races so that you actually show up. Today I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. I would have liked nothing better but to crawl back in bed. Instead

How long does it take?

As you can probably tell, I enjoy reading the blogs of other people who are focused on their fitness goals. Typically I have found these blogs on Body for Life related websites. I stumbled across Tai-Kee’s (Aileen’s) Blog today. She

Life is choice

Kyra has a post today that I could have written. She’s writing about food & exercise choices, but really, I think there is choice in how you act or react in just about any situation. Do you seize life or

24 weeks of Body For Life

Today is my last day of my second 12 week Body for Life (BFL) challenge. I completed my first one in November and immediately started a second 12 week cycle. Overall, in 24 weeks, I am down about 20 lbs

Keeping Promises to Yourself

Maggie has a great post today about achieving success on the Body For Life (BFL) plan.  Maggie is an un-ashamed perfectionist who has utterly transformed her body on the BFL plan. When I started BFL in August 2004, I began