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Jump Start your New Year’s Resolutions

Take Getting in Shape off of your New Year’s Resolution list once and for all. I am looking for 5 to 10 people who’d like to help me become an amazing nutrition coach. I am a few months into my

Just do it again

My Precision Nutrition (PN) coach asked me if I would be willing to write a few sentences that speak to my experience doing the PN Coaching program for a second time. Why did I sign up again? What do I

Fitness Update

I am 16 weeks into my second year of Precision Nutrition Coaching. I described my first year previously. The Cost of Getting Lean is one of my favorite Precision Nutrition articles. One of my long-term goals had been to get into

Level Up

In June, shared my love of Precision Nutrition’s coaching program, and its impact on my fitness, after finishing up a year of receiving coaching. I redid my PN Level 1 certification, required every 2 years, in July. Essentially the Level 1

Sleep More

I’ve been trying to sleep more, consistently, for the last few months. Initially this started as a fitness goal since everything I learn, states that recovery and sleep might be almost as important as the training and nutrition when it

Consume vs. Create

My time spent consuming vs. creating content has been 99:1 for the last few years. One of my goals for 2017 was to change the balance and create more. I’m late getting started. My friend Clay has started old-school blogging


I love Christine Kane’s blog. I needed her post today called Allowing Imperfection. The premise is to not let our imperfection keep us from doing something we want to be doing when we know we may not do it well.

A year in review

I never did write a holiday letter to send out with the Christmas cards that I also did not mail this year. I could blame the snow storm and the lack of mail service during that critical time, but mostly

In search of joy

Last week I designed a new training plan to lose the extra 6 or 7 pounds of fat I am carrying. I tend to do better with a schedule, so I made a spreadsheet and posted it on my wall

Official 15 mile results

Rocky Mountain Road Runners posted the official 15 mile marathon training series race results. My final time was 2:44:57. My husband beat me by 22 seconds. There were 36 women and 28 men. Only 6 people were slower than I