Nutrition Resources

Fitness/Nutrition Information

These are some of my favorite resources for fitness and nutrition information.

  • Precision Nutrition – one of the most scientifically robust nutrition programs I’ve found. I am a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Coach.
  • Renaissance Periodization – another scientifically rigorous nutrition and fitness program. I have several of their books, and templates for cutting (nutrition) and physique (workouts). If you need fast results for a specific sport, this program is simply amazing.
  • PHYSIQONOMICS – unapologetic and humorous (also fact based) posts on all things fitness and nutrition. Must appreciate tough talk. Fantastic “Crash Diet Program” that is 6 weeks long, safe, effective and research based.
  • – does your supplement work? Reviews the research and efficacy on most supplements touted for health, strength gains, etc.